Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

topic posted Fri, June 25, 2010 - 5:41 PM by  april
All over the internet I have read how pisces moons are considered weak. Because they are sensitive, there emotions tend to take over, and they easily become addicted to substances such as drugs or alcohol, and its almost impossible for them to get off. I was just wondering if there are any pisces moons out there that feel they are emotionally strong and won't let there emotions lead them into a dark whole of substance abuse?Please state your sun and rising signs also*
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    Fri, June 25, 2010 - 7:12 PM
    I just saw this post on the welcome page, and want to respond so I just joined the tribe. Didn't know it existed before. Hi all!

    I have a Pisces Moon. I am somewhat sensitive in the sense that I can read people well. But I don't cry easily nor am I very emotional generally. I am pretty even keeled, emotionally, sometimes to the extent that it may seem I don't care about others and their difficulties or successes that much. I think I am pretty strong emotionally, actually.

    I am in my 50's now and not into drugs or alcohol much but when I was younger I did go through addictions. I was easily addicted, so that part fits. I've been addicted to two different hard drugs, one for about a year, the other for about 6 months. I also spent a few years under the influence of alcohol. Though I was able to keep my jobs through all drug and alcohol phases, my relationships suffered.

    I don't agree with the statement that it's almost impossible for Pisces Moon people to quit addictions. Quitting addictions on your own, without a 7 step program or something similar is hard for anyone. I was able to quit without any help from professionals or self help groups. I think I am very strong, emotionally, to have been able to do that.

    My moon and rising are both Pisces. My sun is in Libra.
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    Fri, June 25, 2010 - 8:31 PM
    I have a Pisces Moon, and it's actually the focal planet of a T-square---with Venus and Neptune squared to it and opposite each other---so one might think I'd be an emotional basket case... at the same time though my ascendant is Virgo, Sun/Mercury in Taurus with Venus trine Saturn, all of which I'm thinking indicates a capacity to ground myself. Never been a drug user, never drink, am careful about what I eat, etc.

    Also I definitely recognize when I'm being irrational about things and can force myself to compartmentalize. This isn't always easy and sometimes takes awhile, but ah well.
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      Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

      Sat, June 26, 2010 - 12:11 AM

      Pisces Moons may appear sensitive, but they can pull themselves together in a crisis, in no time at all.

      They are very well aware of the condition and levels of Human suffering, but it doesn't make them a push over.
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    Sun, June 27, 2010 - 7:04 AM
    Because this is a moon placement im assuming the type of weak here is in the realm of emotions - we are considered emotionally weak.

    I highly doubt moon in pisces is weak. its a tough gig absorbing all the shit around you and bearing the weight of everyone elses issues.

    there may be a weakness in dealing with this crazy world and seeking addictions to escape it (mine are video games & hermitness)

    But personally i consider myself to be quite strong, and compared to other around me i keep my wits very well, and am very dependable.

    ive never tried drugs (or ciggarettes) in my life and rarely drink.

    In fact i use my pisces moon to my advantage and that is sniffing the intentions of those around and using my keen intuition to guage a situation.
    Moon is pisces has huge benefits which can be gained when things do not affect you so harshly and the internalism stops.

    Just remember the core theme of pisces which is wholeness - all is one

    cap sun, gemini asc
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      Tue, June 29, 2010 - 9:21 PM
      I am a pisces moon and I do consider it to be a weak position. Actually think I have upset some people on tribe net in the past for saying this. I think if the pisces moon does not appear problematic for some people it is probably because of other elements in the chart ( for example having many earth infulences) that balances it out. There are alot of gifts connects to pisces moon which can be a blessing, but there are just as many downfalls. If I had to pick the most problematic characteristics, I would say the escapism which leads to impracticality, and the lack boundaries which allows us to be taken advantage of, I would add one more and that would be the self delusion and not facing reality to our own detriment. I dont mean to be a downer but the truth is I have come to understand neptune energy can be difficult to manage in the real world. I think the first step to managing it is to be honset and aware of its difficulties. Luckily we all are more the just one chart placement, so use your other enrgies to keep "grounded and balanced.
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        Sun, July 4, 2010 - 10:07 PM
        Weak? I agree with Peter, that is Bullsh*t!!!

        I do not consider it a weak position at all.

        Also, there is a difference between "weak" and "sensitive" or "attuned" to others......

        For the other Pisces moons I have been close to in my life, they have a way with people...from all walks of life...
        If a person has any heart at all, a Pisces moon can reach it.

        And by the way,
        here in the US, our current First Lady (Michelle Obama),
        most recent First Lady (Laura Bush)
        AND previous First Lady// presidential candidate/current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ALL have Pisces Moons.

        it is NOT a weak position.

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          Sun, July 4, 2010 - 11:59 PM
          Martin Luther King also had a pisces moon.... Pisces moon people are usually compassionate and involved and the placement has its strengths. People with a pisces moon are not necessarily weak PEOPLE but I think the point most astrologers usually make is that the moon in pisces is not consider a favourable position because of the characteristics of neptune energy combined with the emotional moon. Some chart placements are not as favourable as others. But, alas we are more than one placement.....
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            Mon, July 5, 2010 - 12:08 AM
            I also think a well integrated pisces moon can definitely be a gift to the individual and the world around them, but alot of soul work has to be done to get to that point.....its not easy and the person has to be aware of what is necessarily by being honest with themselves.
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              Mon, July 5, 2010 - 12:21 AM
              I disagree with you Latasha. Pisces moon can stand on it's own.
              Too much personal experience to convince me otherwise.

              And any planet/moon can be positively or negatively aspected. Doesn't make the placement itself weak.

              The weaker moons I have seen from experience were Libra.

              Water moons (all 3) bear the greatest potential due to their emotional elements.
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                Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

                Mon, July 5, 2010 - 12:46 AM
                My Mother was a Pisces Moon. She was anything but weak. Sensitive to her surroundings and people Yes, but highly intuitive.

                There's a Politician in this Country who was born a day after my Mother in the same year. They shared a Leo Ascendent and 8th House Planets. He was also a Royal Marines Commando, then transferred to British Intelligence, before entering Politics.

                Nobody would have said that Lord Paddy Ashdown was weak. When he was asked about Military strategy, everybody sat up and took notice. He expressed himself compassionately, but you could tell he knew what he ws talking about.
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                  Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

                  Mon, July 5, 2010 - 4:20 AM
                  I've just done some checking.

                  Kathy Bates has a Moon in Pisces. She got an Oscar for her role in Misery. Very sinisster she was too.

                  Robert de Niro, is another Pisces Moon. He's played many menacing Mafia Character's, and was very creepy in Cape Fear.

                  Frank Sinatra another, was a Singer, Actor, and had links to the Mob.

                  Whether it's make believe, or for real. A Moon in Pisces should never be underestimated.

                  Oneinmotion mentioned Hillary Clinton being a Moon in Pisces. She is also a Sun in Scorpio, and can appear harder than a Coffin Nail.

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              Wed, August 18, 2010 - 11:09 PM
              From my experience I totally agree with you. Due to the hyper sensitivity of this position, and especially if other chart positions fail to balance, skills must be learned in order to ground the unearthly energy that this piscean moon brings. Unfortunately, a lot of pain is encountered in the process and must be processed and sorted through in order to move on and make this energy useful to the world and others. I see this process as the purification of the soul, just as the story of the Christ tells us.
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    Wed, July 7, 2010 - 7:51 PM
    I am a double Pisces. I have Pisces moon and Sun with a Scorpio Ascendant, but I feel I could control my emotions fairly well. I have never been addicted to any thing and find it quite easy to quit everything that I have tried. I don't let my emotions take a hold of me, and I get over my emotions fairly quick. I am not sure but Maybe it has to do with Capricorn being in my Neptune? Although I am fairly emotional and cry when I see harms done to any body or any thing. I am also extremely compassionate.
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      Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

      Mon, July 12, 2010 - 3:31 PM
      I've had to think about this one since I got home tonight from Spain.

      I was there as my Sister's Family for her Wedding.

      I spoke at the Party on my Sister's behalf. My Sister is a Moon in Aries, and want's her own way in all thing's, but as a Moon in Pisces, I was very eloquent.

      When a Moon in Picses type can show compassion and insight, it's also a strength. Especially when it matter's the most.

      Other so called types will lean on us, when they need caring and compassion, and are unsure of their barings.
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        Tue, July 27, 2010 - 11:13 PM
        I was waiting for this topic to come up....Pisces of both moon and sun are notoriously labeled as space cadets and escapists. I am a sun in Virgo, moon Pisces anD i am very strong in many ways, except for drugs/alcohol. I began to experiment in 8th grade with alocohol, and by the 9th grade I was a daily pot smoker. I no longer smoke all the time...just occasionally, but I have been addicted to opiates. i.e. morphine, vicodin, dilaudid, percocet, and heroin for 4 yrs. They are they perfect piscean drug in so m any ways.....I'm not at all trying to promote the use of these drugs...they have sent me to 5 rehabs and countless family struggles and personal setbacks. I guess my weakness comes mainly through drugs.....other than tat, I can do whatever I BELIEVE in. I guess addiction is so two-sided that just strength isn;t always enough. I used to be a star basketball player, honor student, and a lot more. Now I have been consumed by drugs and relationships are either great or horrible. I recently broke up with a g/f of 3 yrs and just wanted to wither up and perish. I guess I put on a strong front, but do have I have gone into great detail describing!!! hahaha sorry if I was so long-winded. Any Pisces out there felt that need to escape, through drugs, sleep, or anything else???? Thanks and God Bless
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          Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

          Tue, July 27, 2010 - 11:24 PM
          I like the term "Space Cadet"

          Moon in Pisces can tap into a greater consciousness when neccessary.

          Our intuitive understanding and compassion, should not be seen as a weakness, as this lunar placement can communicate on so many different levels.

          We're also great fighters of injustice. If we see someone wrongly accused or persecuted, it's in our nature to fight Tooth and Nail. The same can be said of defending all forms of Nature and it's enviroment.

          We learn from an early age, how to read between the line's.
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            Wed, July 28, 2010 - 12:23 AM
            This is really interesting. I have a Pisces Sun and Moon in Western astrology but I don't connect much with many of the Pisces moon traits. I feel I connect more with my Moon in Aquarius in Vedic astrology. Self control and limitation has always been something that I could easily do...I had never have problem with addiction to any thing..except working out lols!
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              Wed, July 28, 2010 - 3:52 AM
              Ryan.... you were incredibly honest, I pray for you with all my heart and soul.
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                Thu, July 29, 2010 - 12:18 AM
                I appreciate that :)))) I will make it. Us pisces moon/suns are stronger than given credit. Love to all and good night
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                  Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

                  Thu, July 29, 2010 - 12:23 AM
                  Moon in Pisces people have enormous powers of endurance when they have need of it.

                  We can all use something to help us cope, but haveit within us to bounce right back into action when neccessary

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                    Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

                    Thu, July 29, 2010 - 12:54 AM
                    I do a lot of Writing, it helps me channel my energies more constructively.

                    Moon in Pisces types, can soak up various energies like a Psychic Sponge. So the influences we attract need to be handled carefully.

                    In regards to Creativity. The Beatles were suppoedly experimenting with LSD when they wrote Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

                    Putt the Magic Dragon was about Smoking Pot.

                    It was said that Nostradamus took something to enhance his Visions.

                    Elvis Presley who was a Moon in Pisces was in denial that he was a Drug Addict. He didn't believe he was, because his Medications were Prescription Drug's.

                    When he was Stationed in Germany, during his time in the Army, it was said that Soldiers were given Speed to keep them awake when standing on Century Duty. That could have been the start of Elvis's problems.

                    That is an interesting point about Medications. How many of us, have been prescribed them on a long Term basis, and not realising how addictive some of them can be. They can have an adverse affect on our highly sensitive Moon in Pisces nature's. Some side effects result in Depression.

                    A Moon in Pisces isn't weak, but what we take, can "weaken" our Immune Systems. We need that Moon in Pisces emotional energy, to keep our Intution focused.

                    I do have my own personal weaknesses. I Smoke a Pipe. Tobacco. Not Wacky Backy. I gave up for 4 1/2 year's and started up again last Year. I do love Smoking my Pipe though. it's one of my pleasures. :)
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    Sun, August 1, 2010 - 7:12 PM
    i would have to somewhat agree. im a watery mess right now (scorpio rising, scoprio sun, pisces moon) and have had just about the shittiest year of my life last year and i can say that the intensity of my emotions led me to want to escape and weed was my escape so i started to smoke 12 hours a days. like literally. i was smoking so much that all it did was make me burnt. it wasnt working for me anymore. then i tried some shots some bowls and some lines of coke. went deeper cuz i wanted to escape, a week later after i tried all that, i got in a car accident, as if preventing me from going fully down that road. im finally better from my accident but right now im trying to keep the piece down but i cant, the fishy got me hooked......pisces ability to get us hooked on anything that takes us out of others emotions maybe?
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    Wed, August 4, 2010 - 5:59 PM
    I also joined too just for this post...Ive always been fasinated by astrology. Ive been going through a difficult time and breakup(The love of my life...dont give me stuff like " I'm young there will be others"..I dont wanna hear dont know the whole story(and thats for me to yes I might be able to love again but never in this capasity). I guess as usual I was looking for reasons and answers...well I looked up my ex's(hate that word) birth chart ( Idont know his birth time so I dont know his rising sign) His sun sign is a capricorn...but i was almost knocked off my chair when I found out his moon was in PISCES! The first thing that came to mind (I only know 2 pisces)was very sensitive and emotional and loving and water sign( I should mention that MY rising sign is a scorpio ,and my venus is in scorpio) so when it comes to inner emotions Im deep, deeper then yyou yourself can I said I laughed read up on it for him and it strangely fit..I should also mention for shits and giggles I looked up my father's (I have an extreme bond with him and another ex/really good friend now(who before this current ex i thought was the "one"once upon a time..THEY both have there moon's in pisces as well as my nephew who himself is a pisces but we are close..and a former ex in high school...notice the trend here???) OK so back to the subject at hand and Ryan thank you because you are the reason I am sharing ex/love of my life has a very VERY big battle with drugs...heroine and crack cocaine to be exact. When he was younger it started with pot and so on and so fourth...I should mention he didnt have the best home life...I wouldnt wish it on anyone....I prefer not to go into details because it was in confidence he told me. I should mention that we dated twice once when we were 19 (i lost my virginity to him, ended badly few months later he asked me to take him back I said no and refused to talk to him..should also mention was not a heroin or cocaine addict then yet) Cut to about a year and a half ago we somehow someway found each other again. Anyway we basically lived together right away...a little bit of a whirlwind..but his addictions got worse and worse til finally I basically made/begged for him to go into rehab and he did I supported him in every way possible. A few months of being clean he relapsed again...and this was even worse then before...he had always "cut me down emotionally and verbally) but he had never gotten physical...well that happened. I know ur all wondering how could I stand for such a thing...listen when ur completly in love u put up with things u wouldnt even dream u could...wasnt like I went looking for this. As fas as the substance abuse I've never seen someone try and unfortunatly fail harder...I dont consider him a "weak" person either....even though I've seen him at his lowest of lows more then anyone else. There is clearly something about a pisceas moon that does inhabit substance abuse my father was once in his 20's a heroin addict BUT he cut in off cold turkey righ tbefore I was born and you wouldnt believe the person he is now from where he was. My friend Anthony always smokes pot daily every second..its his thing...My ex and I are clearly no longer together ( I'm having a hard time and it was the most BRUTAL breakup in history) but even to this day I would never consider him weak..he actually have many gifts..
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      Wed, August 4, 2010 - 10:03 PM
      I am thinking the word " weak" is what people is focusing on and may be missing a bigger point.
      Lets throw out the word weak.

      Maybe that is not the way too describe certain behavior of some pisces moon people. One poster stated there may be a "weaken immune system", I think that is a good way to describe it..
      Without a doubt there is something going on.
      If saying it is a "weak" placement offends some people or seem inaccurate, then find another word, but dont get caught up in the wording. Maybe it would be better to say pisces moon people can be extremely "suscepitible too" or "overwhelmed by" outside influences and respond in self destructive ways.
      I am a pisces moon and I dont consider myself a weak person. When I first read that astrologers consider pisces moon an unfavourable position I was disturbed by it as well.

      Knowledge is power. By acknowledging a tendency in me to be overwhelmed and maybe respond in self destructive ways has enriched my life in the end. I have learn to protect myself, forgive myself, and approach life with more directness and wisdom. Denial doesnt help anyone, Conflict avoiding doesnt help anyone. Nobody is perfect ... and it is ok to not be perfect.
      I like the practice of alcoholics anonymous where the person stands up and says -my name is___ and Im a alcoholic,... because admitting something is the first step to dealing with it. Accepting resonsibility is the second. There is a tendecicy towards emotional instabilty in pisces moon people and we benefit from particular efforts to "stabilize" ourselves.
      This doesnt discount us as strong people or talented, creative people, its just something we have to learn to deal with and overcome.
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      Wed, April 25, 2012 - 5:44 PM
      The world is short one amazing Pisces Moon person I haven't been on here in forever but I was just looking back on everything I posted about him & we actually got back together for another year after this & then after we had broken up for months (about 6) ) last summer ( we broke up in the beginning of July) & I was involved with someone else I got the most horrific news that he actually committed suicide..4 days after his birthday no less( his birthday was Jan 13th) ( I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone of here I guess I just felt that because of the intensity I had shared in my previous posts I just needed to note it...& the more times I'm able to say it out loud or write it down...I can actually start to believe it)
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    Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Tue, August 10, 2010 - 6:16 AM
    They aren't weak, they are fluid. That fluidity is in itself a strength.
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      Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

      Wed, August 11, 2010 - 2:57 PM
      My father is pisces moon. I'd never describe him as weak. He's been through some tough times and he's very, very sensitive. He's never been addicted to anything. He's someone I would describe as strong even though he's so fluid and sensitive. His sun is in cancer.

      Also, my cousin (sun leo, moon pisces) I would say she's got strength.
      The pisces moon strength is different to that of others, it's connected to, like I said, fluidity, the ability to go with it and take a new form. Yet they always seem to come back to themselves, whatever that self may be, and survive.

      From my observations, I've found air moon people to have far less ability to cope with things emotionally difficult.
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        Wed, August 11, 2010 - 5:45 PM

        "From my observations, I've found air moon people to have far less ability to cope with things emotionally difficult."

        I have noticed this as well. No *every* air moon, but more often than not for those I know.....
        because they try to make sense of everything with logic and adhere to thinking "if I cant see it, then it doesn't exist."
        or "if I can't see it then I cannot understand."
        so they can over-think themselves into psychological ruts.

        Water moons feel, sense and intuit their way through things and are very attuned to non-verbal cues and conversation.

        I am usually the one my air-moon friends 'vent' to and help see the unseen in their lives.

        "Yet they always seem to come back to themselves, whatever that self may be, and survive."
        yes. well said.
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    Mon, August 16, 2010 - 9:15 PM
    I've read the same things online about pisces moons being emotionally unstable and all that bull. I'm a capricorn with a virgo rising and a pisces moon and I'm probably the MOST emotionally stable person I know. I feel everything with a lot of intensity, especially if someone is angry or sad, but I can always bring myself together.

    I don't know if other pisces moon people do this, but the only thing I can say I do that pisses people of generally is close down. If I'm being attacked in any way I will just stop talking and try to get away from people. I only do this because it gets to be SO intense that I have to take a moment to re gather myself. Once I'm settled I can deal with things in a rational manner.
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      Mon, August 16, 2010 - 9:38 PM
      "I've read the same things online about pisces moons being emotionally unstable and all that bull. I'm a capricorn with a virgo rising and a pisces moon and I'm probably the MOST emotionally stable person I know."

      right on Michelle!

      re: shutting down. I think there is a difference with "temperance" and "shutting down".
      Pisces moons tend to show temperance in how they exert their emotion/react. And it is part of what attracts others to open up to them.

      I also think it is wise to take a step back and assess the situation with the exception of a few things.... like a fire in the building. lol

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        Mon, August 16, 2010 - 11:07 PM
        No way,

        Sensitive and able to catch vibes in a way that is uncanny but not that emotional. I survived an incredible amount of structured emotional and physical abuse growing up and came out of it in a better shape than many ''normal'' people. I am not living to my full potential yet unfortunately which may be a Pisces Moon issue.
        I am a Tenth House (Capricorn) Pisces Moon with an Aries Sun, rising end of Gemini. I have all sorts of psychic abilities that freak my environment on a regular basis ( I also act as a soul wayfarer for the newly dead at night ) and have a flair for writing, in my case essays and science fiction, due to an Uranus on the ascendant, Aquarius North Node and Eleventh House (Aquarius) Aries Sun.

        A surprising weak point was drawing abusers like a magnet - that one is strange - though not letting them in.

        The Pisces Moon is a bounty but needs some learning to live with skills in order to produce its best, and its best is extraordinary. This is a position where soul maturity works best but as Pisces Moon, we are already a little old and our kindness may come from having lived already through all of the experiences of the other signs.
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          Tue, August 17, 2010 - 6:52 AM
          A capricorn sun with a virgo rising lends an incredible amount of emotional stability.

          "this is a positon where soul maturity works best but as pisces, we are already a litlle old"
          This is a very true statement, the pisces moon requires maturity and soul work to fully benefit the indivual. You have to first learn the lesson of pisces moon, it needs to be integrated with maturity.
          • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

            Tue, August 17, 2010 - 11:03 AM
            Pisces moons are born old, mature souls.
            I was called an 'adult child' for understanding concepts beyond my young years.

            Time alone/aging is the only thing that can bring our bodies to the place where our souls started from.

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              Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

              Sun, August 22, 2010 - 3:24 AM
              Hah funny, I was called an "old soul" too... my parents were told by one of my teachers not to let me watch the news either because I had a tendency to "carry the weight of the world" on my shoulders by age 7. I never associated it with the Pisces Moon but that's probably it. (Saturn contacting Venus probably doesn't help either)
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                Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

                Sun, August 22, 2010 - 7:40 AM
                When I was a Baby. A Great Uncle said I had Knowlegable Bumps on my Head. That I had a Wisdom beyond my Year's.

                I know as a Moon in Pisces from an early age, that I sensed thing's.

                My senses are strong nowadays, when I am Cycling up in the Hills, like this Morning. It's the wide open spaces that creates that feeling within me, and a willingness to let go, when in a Natural Enviroment.

                I was then down by the Sea this Afternoon, and that had a calming feeling. It also remind's me of it's liquified beauty and vastness, and where it can take you around the World.
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    Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Sat, August 21, 2010 - 12:51 PM
    Hi :)
    I'm actually an aquarius sun/scorpio moon, but i just wanted to put my two cents in because one of my favorite people in this life is a pisces moon (cancer sun). He is generally a very peaceful, sweet person who loves and cares about people. I think if he could work for a charity every day, he would. I don't think it's weak though, i think that's just his kind personality. However, because there were circumstances in his life where some people tried to take advantage of him, he now has a pretty hard outer shell (that's also cancer probably). Sometimes he can get a little argumentative and defensive, but his friends love him anyway because we know that he's wonderful inside and he really tries to help people. I think with pisces moon people, their family and friends should just try to listen to them for any signs that they need help or want someone to talk to, just because they are very sensitive and can get a little overwhelmed by other people's troubles. But in my experience, they are great friends :) That's my two cents :)
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    Wed, September 1, 2010 - 4:26 AM
    Aaah.. love this tribe! Heh XD

    For a long time I considered myself 'weak' for being so sensitive to the words and actions of others, could never for the life of me live up to the Male dominator stereotype of my culture, really anxious on myself for having such deep connections to the soil and grass, water and every single living being ever created, loving animals, willing to self-sacrifice the point of cutting wounds from my head to my skin, from 10 years before my birth to 100 years after my death, from the ground all the way to the astral plane!
    Then the suffering never stopped, and I realized my true endurance. My true Strength XD
    Takes true courage to be born into turmoil and suffering.

    I have Moon Pisces in the 12th house, guess 12th house Mooners are supposed to have endured childhood traumatic experiences and serious self-forgetting issues, just as well as Piscean Mooners :\. Definitely relate. Trifecta of abuse, grew up feeling as if all walls had crashed in, surely they had, demons from all corners, very, very close to my heart. It was like growing up in a cave. Shawshank Redemption was eternally my favorite movie, escaping prison. Only realized recently how deep the emotional turmoil had gone, how dissected from myself I had become. Only after finally collapsing under the pressure.
    Mercury also in the 12th house, Aries. Was supposed to really learn from those caves. Bring something out of it to the world.

    Although, also learned that my Sun is in my 1st house, Taurus sun/ascendant, which were the traits of myself I had always looked over... the high mountains and deep soil I had the capacity for cultivating to soak up the inner-currents of endless turmoil. As an adult, I truly feel as if how much darkness one is bestowed with, one is universally equaled with gifts of strength! I've always had true sense of self, the tenacity to reach for my dreams despite the numbness, confusion, sensitivity, depressions, the -true- isolation.
    Although, early on, my Taurus seemed to just feed my Piscean bouts of depression with extra-added inertia and self-indulgence. And my 1st house sun kept my mind young, safe, from the deepness of my old Piscean soul. Just stayed inside, slept aaall the time, spent 80% of my time in front of tv screens with video games. Grew up in never never land, all until my mountains shook from the built-up inner pressure. Took a lot of pressure for my bullishness to allow the chaos of my inner realms to reach the air.
    Actually successfully stayed away from all substances of abuse until last year, when my 'love affair' with MJ began. Every single day there, for a while. Just started getting burnt out, had to stop, so much pressure inside I finally had to seek some therapy, and I finally found a good therapist. Was a long haul.

    Naw. Ain't weakness. Some people get bored, so they create conflict. Well, inner death and turmoil has been a part of me my entire life. Beginning with the tiniest onsets of the smallest conflict has taken me millions of repetitions to even begin mastery of self. Takes courage to face that kind of shit. All the fireworks began at 1.5 years of age!

    Maybe to the surface dwellers our small mountain lakes seem serene, but deep they do go. Var deep.
    Piscean Moons are anything but "weak".
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Mon, October 4, 2010 - 4:56 AM
    I have this placement at 28* near to my Ascendant which is also Pisces (but not conjunct), my moon falling into the 1st house..
    Weak? anything but weak.. I believe.

    I know when something is about to happen, I know when people are about to become violent, emotional, sneaky, aggressive, active, annoyed - even happy for that matter.. I can almost see it on them like day & night. I notice people's reactions before they do. Processing them in a way that gives me a green or red light on something before they actually act on it - whatever it is, especially if it'll do me or someone else harm. It's almost like prediction, but it's not about seeing anything in the future, just about how to handle something before it happens. A constant feeling of emerging changes, which obviously helps me to develop working, strategic instant reactions - a perpetual state of imminent edginess, if you like. always aware.

    I would say weakness isn't something that would characterize this placement in an evolved individual, perhaps 'weak' integration into the rest of our make-up, which can make this placement seem disorientated or nervous. It all depends on the rest. Escapism is prominent in those who don't learn from heir experiences, but prefer to let their experiences run away with them..
    (Dion.. further up on this thread has a spot on analysis for many of the Pisces Moon traits - his Pisces in 9th understands the layer above the comprehensive, almost like connecting the ethereal to the earthy at the same time - lending the description of some things to the telling of the soul and not of the mind - which is IOW: an advanced higher learning)

    Personally, I have Mercury (In Leo) & Saturn (in Libra) in sextile - while quincunxing my moon all alone in the western hemisphere, however, also creating trine aspects to MC, Jupiter & Uranus conjunct in 9th, which in turn trine Sun in Leo in 5th (grand trine).

    - I would say, Pisces are the more prominent in knowledge of a the otherworldly spectrum, making them an advanced intelligence of this kind, born with the 7th chakra open. (seers, extremely receptive, VERY intuitive, but highly sensitive)
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Tue, March 29, 2011 - 9:08 AM
    I am a Leo Sun, Pisces Moon Virgo Rising and I am unequivocally emotionally strong. I experience that others perceive that my capacity for forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love is not normative. My mother recently shared that she initially thought that I was a coward - LOL - only to discover over the course of time, that I actually was astute at picking and choosing my battles - in addition I have an abhorrence against drugs of any nature - never been attracted or seduced by the allure - So count me as an example of a strong Pisces moon
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Sat, May 14, 2011 - 7:23 AM
    Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, Virgo Rising.

    I have never had any problems becoming addicted to anything (besides the internet!). I used to be terrified that I would become an alcoholic if I drank, because my father was at one point, but I've always just drank occasionally with friends and haven't really felt compelled to do much more than that.

    I do consider myself a sensitive person. Other people's emotions affect me very strongly, but perhaps this is also because my moon is in the 7th house. It is very hard for me to be around angry people, regardless of if their anger is directed towards me or not. I prefer to surround myself with people who are compassionate, encouraging and open-minded, rather than the opposite. When I was younger I was terrible at handling criticism or any disapproval of anything I ever did... and to be honest, this is still sometimes true when the criticism comes from people who are close to me. I couldn't really care less what someone who I don't care about says about me these days, however.

    I am not weak. If somebody hurts me, I might start crying as I do not know how to hide my emotions (and don't understand the reasons why anyone would want to), but I fight back with everything I have regardless, and I win. Maybe it's the Aries in me, but I'd rather think that Pisces moons in general will stand up for themselves when they're backed into a corner. Pisces is a survival sign after all.
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    Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Tue, May 17, 2011 - 3:36 PM
    Pi Sun, Moon, Taurus Rising.

    BS. lol I'm one of the strongest emotionally stable people I know. Yes, I cry at the drop of a hat at the sight of hurt and starving people, but I can also tell someone with diplomacy where to go and do NOT have a problem saying, "No" or "Not right now." If you don't believe me ask my kids and co-workers. I'm known as a nice/epathetic person who doesn't take crap from anyone.

    I recently put a 74 year old nurse/co-worker in her place for saying something condescending to me while I was helping her with something. She wasn't expecting it...Crude Crow. Oh well. Now, later in the day, yes I smiled pleasantly at her and assured her that her seemingly "picking on the weak/nice person" tactic didn't cause a single rift in our co-worker relationship. Now she knows not to cross me. Period.

    I do understand how people perceive my forgiving nature as a weakness and quite the opposite, instead of having to learn to establish boundaries, I have had to do the opposite as I've matured and that is cut people slack. I used to be so sensitive and afraid of being hurt that I'd cut a person for trying to get close to me. lol If you touch this will get cut. Well...that's how it USED to be. lol Now I stand up for myself without attempting to crush the other person and forgive them immediately.

    I was always the type of person who would give my last dollar, but not with emotions. I would just give it and let it be that. Now, I'm more empathetic emotionally, but more prudent in how I choose to give money. I now do it through small pre-selected pay period gifts to charities of my choice.

    So Pi moons weak. Hell no. Not even.
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Wed, May 18, 2011 - 1:27 PM
    As a "pisces moon person" I can say that I'm not weak. I very much don't like when people lose control over their actions by using drugs, alcohol, I would prefer not having any addictions. Why having false "attachments" (considering that you created them yourself)?

    Aquarius sun, Scorpio ascendant
    • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

      Thu, May 26, 2011 - 1:58 AM
      I had an experience the other Day.

      Had just come through my Front Door with Grocery Shopping. Had put my Purchases away, and was about to put the Kettle on, when I heard the Phone ring.

      I answered and it was a Company I have been having frequent problems with.

      I was all psyched up and ready to be very firm with them which I was. I'd recently found out what my Rights were, and was standing up for them with all my Being.

      The Man who called me, wasn't getting anywhere with me, and eventually said Goodbye.

      I checked with an Organization afterwards that I had been dealing with, and they said I handled it the right way.

      I threatened the Man on the other end of the Line, that if his Company didn't back off, I would report them to a Financial Organization. The tone in his Voice changed instantly, and he said you don't have to do anything that drastic.

      I was shaking after the Call, but I realized anyone's equilibrium can be disturbed.

      I accepted my vulnerability, but wasn't prepared to be bullied or intimidated.

      When push comes to shove, M.I.P can give as good as they get.
      • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

        Thu, May 26, 2011 - 5:35 AM
        I won't be bullied! (Aries Sun here) and I always fight (Uranus Rising) and I'm extremely stubborn (Capricorn and Taurus).

        However, I've noticed that the circumstances of my life often put me in the victim seat and that it started from birth.
        If I look at my life, there is truth to the Piscean victimization or maybe karma payback issue if you prefer to call it that.
        It's like I've sleep with every dog and knowing what that feels like, I am empathetic and don't go around taken advantage but sometimes my kindness is felt as a weak point by people at the level this society is operating.

        I fight like the devil though, use strategy and bide my time. Whatever works ethically. I rarely lose. If I would, I would return.

        However, this sometimes comes as a total surprise and I should go around with warnings that I am not an easy prey and things will go as far as I decide (another strange one).
        It is like you can't be nice and fair and absolutely implacable when necessary but I think my way is right.
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Mon, June 13, 2011 - 8:34 AM
    Another respondent said it best when he said that people with the moon in Pisces are fluid more so than weak. Hi. I'm a 50 yr old man with sun in cancer, ascendant in cancer, and moon in Pisces. That's triple water. I am not a weak person. Yes, I have weaknesses, but I also have strengths. By feeling vibes, moon in pisces people generally can feel what another person is like while talking to them. We have a very sharp intuition. People are drawn to us because we are understanding and social. But we do have moon swings....internal moon swings, that is. We may not show it on the outside, but we'll be disgusted with ourselves one day and want to hide from everybody. Then the next day the sun is shining and we're bright and bubbly and everything is okay. This same rolling emotion can make it difficult for us to stick to a diet as well. We see a rhythm in everything, how people walk, the movement of cars, etc. How much the moon in pisces affects you will depend on your sun sign and other planetary divisions. AND NO, NOT ALL MOON IN PISCES PEOPLE ARE NOT ADDICTED TO ALCOHOL AND DRUGS. That can happen to anybody under any sun sign. In fact, we're very good at sensing when we're going overboard with a habit, and pull back just in time before it gets too far out of hand.
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Mon, June 20, 2011 - 12:11 PM
    I have leo sun, pisces moon, and saggitarius rising.
    i do consider myself to be more artistic than practical, i even daydream alot, im daydreaming as i type almost.
    anyways i consider myself very fit emotionally. last time i cried i was in highschool coming back from school in the car with my mom, i cried for the smallest thing, i cried for about half an hour, i suppose i held everything inside with my parents divorce etc.
    other than that i seem to be almost unemotional, however i am very sensitive about my individuality or ego if you will.
    i am also very receptive from people around me, theres nothing more annoying than consistent negativity from someone around you.
    also i've never fought a real fist fight. never backed down or started one, im quite the pacifist.

    i think bully type of people are actually more sensitive since they cant deal with their emotions, id say i handle emotions well, i dont have addictions either
    • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

      Tue, July 12, 2011 - 11:05 PM
      I was just thinking.

      People do have to be careful how they handle a Moon in Pisces. It is a culmination of energies from the other Signs and merged into one.

      No wonder this can make us feel sensitive. When there basically an abundance of emotional Energy to tap into. That is not weakness at all, but processing a lot of Information and feeling.

      MIP can keep others on their Toes, because just as it's thought they know them, it's found out there's another side to them.

      Pisces is a Mutable Sign, so will it be calm Winds that prevail, or the warning Signs of a Storm brewing up on the Horizon.

      It's foolish of others to think MIP types are a pushover, because one Day they'll be surprised at what these Lunar Type can become.
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Thu, July 14, 2011 - 2:03 PM
    I signed up for this site because I realized there are most certainly others like me... and we're most certainly not weak.

    Personally, I have the moon in pisces WITH Saturn (Lord of Karma) AND it opposes my ascending sign, Virgo. I'm also a Capricorn. Near as I can gather, all this means that I am a very strong willed, independent person as well as being empathatic. I 'read' people quite well, and I've always had sympathy for others. But that doesn't mean I won't stand up for myself when need arises.

    As for addictions or falling into dark paths, I've never had any trouble with them. When I was younger I did try smoking for a time, but quit as I hated it. My emotions have never taken me into something my Capricorn brain didn't approve first. Many of my signs which would suggest I'd be nothing but emotions are countered by signs which give me my characteristic independence and strength. Notably, my sun sextiles the moon, giving me the ability to progress through life without any serious emotional set-backs.

    So though I can be very caring and compassionate, I also can discern when emotions should rule. I'm probably better at connecting with other people emotionally then I am with myself, but eh. Pisces Moons, as far as I know, are far from being 'weak.' If anything our gifts make us much more powerful.
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Sat, July 23, 2011 - 6:04 PM
    Noone in my life has ever accused me of being weak. I have Leo rising, Virgo Sun in 1st and Pisces moon in 7th. There always has to be an awareness, not only an awareness but an experience of something beyond the shackles of the physical plane. Addiction has never been a problem for me though that's probably due to physical hypersensitivity. Any overdoing it with drugs and I'll get ill very quickly. But the desire for escapism is as much a part of me as my blue eyes.

    Those closest to me have considered me psychic since I was a child. Escapist impulses hit when I lose touch with a sense of universality and spirituality. Positively, this need can be channeled into creativity or a humanitarian cause. If I'm overwhelmed with work or overly-merged in a relationship - essentially out of touch with myself - I'll escape through drug use or being generally impractical.

    Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Neptune is connected to the mystical, receptive, compassionate, escapist & addictive Pisces; Jupiter to the religious, generous and benevolent. Both planets are idealistic which is I think one of the more universal traits I'm noticed with Pisces moons, along with being naturally intuitive and empathic.
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Thu, June 21, 2012 - 8:05 AM
    Pisces moon weak my ass.
    I'm a pisces moon that considers myself senstive, but strong at the same time. Never being afraid to speak my mind and physically defend myself if threatened. Sensitivity in my opinon has two faces; I can become so empathtic and want to help and support those in need and the face where if I'm being taking advantage of you will be told to your face and cut out completely. It's funny how once i cut those emotional sucking vampires out my life, they try so hard to enter my world of friendship and genuine compassion I once had towards them. It seems as though they don't realize your strength until they see your anger and the silent treatment takes center stage. As a pisces moon I feel most people in the world tries to test me because my intention are to be kind, but if I'm crossed they'll never see it coming. I enjoying feeling love, compassion, and empathy for those in the world and I have no shame in that. I never been someone to smoke weed ever, have sex for fun, or drink my problems away. I have my own mind and morals and many have tried to mold me into who I'm not and eventually got the hint that I would never budge. Pisces moon love you all and never let some make doubt your worth.

    Capricorn Ascendant
    Sun Aries
    Moon Pisces
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Sat, August 11, 2012 - 5:21 PM
    Lets start by saying...I am Scorpio Sun, with Aires Rising and Pisces Moon.
    For all the turbo astrologers out there, clearly this signals pure raw strength.
    I have had a very nice life in many ways, however, I have lived through some nightmares. To name a few...

    I have had a gun held to my windshied, saw 4 boys in college beating on one and went up to them, maced them and put the badly beaten one in my car and took him to the hospital, had my accelerator pedal stick on the Garden State Pky and had to figure out which how I was going to stop my car (I did by driving into the shoulder and throwing it into park).
    I was hit by a car while I was riding my bike and couldn't walk for 2 mts, fractured both arms and had 2 pins put in my knee.
    I've had drug dealers move into my the neighborhood where I had a rental property (duplex) and scare out my tenants, at that point I had to move in there because I couldn't afford to rent the Townhouse I lived in and the mortgage on this duplex....All while I was still in Grad School 1 hr and 1/2 away.
    Also, once there, found out that my handyman was a sex-offender and there was a registered rapist living across the street. I know how unreal this sounds....all true.I had to install cameras around the house for the time I was gone for long periods but eventually,
    I sold that house and Finished grad school with a 4.0.
    I have confronted and had physical altercations with people of other ethnicities because of the mis-treatment I watched them perpetrate on someone else.
    I AM FEARLESS to a fault becuase I know I am not invincble. Its is almost like my Pisces moon makes me so sensitive to injustices and the Scorpio and Aires makes me confront them fearlessly...but afterwards, I cry and say, why me?
    Then, wipe my tears, get back on the "horse" and keep riding this thing out. As I get older, I am wiser with the battles I choose to fight and while I won't necessarily engage outwardly, the police are always just a phonecall away.
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    Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Mon, August 13, 2012 - 11:45 PM
    It really depends on the other parts of the person's chart. I find my Pisces moon to be my biggest weakness and my biggest strength. It can be easy to give an emotional response to things for me, but I am usually very conscious and careful of it. My Sun is in Leo just off the cancer cusp and my ascendant is in Aquarius. I have a tendency to isolate myself if I am very out of balance in order to reflect on the situation and gain control. I do feel sometimes that I can be a pushover if someone wants or needs something. it's a deep seeded need to nurture and please others. However, I will stand my ground hardcore on something if I am very against it. I have found that a moon in Pisces helps me to read and connect with people rather well. It's a nice ability to have in many situations. Also, I don't have addiction issues at all. I view addictions as weaknesses and have no issues keeping things in moderation.
    • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

      Tue, September 18, 2012 - 7:04 PM
      In considering the Moon in Pisces, I'd say it is worth mentioning that what it symbolizes will differ from one chart to another depending upon the aspects it makes and the house it is placed in, as well as the state of Jupiter and Neptune ( being that are the rulers of Pisces).

      In a general sense the Moon in Pisces symbolizes emotional omniscience or emotional confusion.

      Generally, the native would be sensitive to the changes of emotional currents within the sphere of life they are tuned into.

      Therefore, if the Moon was in the 1st house, the native would be highly sensitive to the vibrations influencing their own energetic field, but not necessarily that of another's field.

      Now if the native had the Moon in the 9th house they would be sensitive to the changes within the pace of life and could thus tap into world events, trends, opportunities, morals, affairs of all people, and where life is headed in an abstract or broad sense.

      Regardless of having this psychic sensitivity, the native may not be inclined to having a conscious awareness of the source of these feelings and would perhaps simply respond to the whims of these energetic influences through a change in moods without any clear reason or understanding of why, thus leading to emotional confusion.

      Therefore, having the Moon in Pisces isn't going to necessarily confer every possessor with a conscious psychic power anymore than it will denote each native with a psychotic need to escape reality.

      So in conclusion, I'd like to say that for some the state of the Moon, regardless of the sign, as well as that of any other planet may play it's role as a strength or weakness, depending upon the conditions of it's placement and the aspects it makes.
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Sun, November 25, 2012 - 2:09 PM
    funny subject title.

    i am a sun sag, virgo rising with the moon in pisces/7th house. i find the combo to b a interesting experience. first off, drugs werent an addicting issue for me. one drug was a major obstacle for my mother while i was growing up and during sum of my adulthood. when it comes to chemical substances, i am able to stop and move on especially when i have a goal thAT I am striving for and thats contrary to those involvements.

    i do have my emotinal moments and it is matters of significance, interpersonal and my beliefs in life. my perceptions living this existence along with my concern for the betterment of existence get me at times in my aloneness of thought. i am also a father of 7 children and passionate about their sprirtual soulful mental and physical development. not to the point of overbearance tho.

    in a relationship my emos are liquid and depending upon the vibration of the female, to sum extent, will determine the flow. im mutable wat can i say.

    ignorance is not bliss,its stupidity. i am a being of galatic percept and order and my ancient celestial manifest does get fed up with injustices in this realm. hence my emos can get a lil bit other than that im an optimist and look or create the positive over the negative.

    fire is not evil unless u use it that way.

    peace to all.................
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Fri, May 17, 2013 - 4:14 AM
    That is great to hear. I have a pisces moon and rising and my sun is aquarius. I have been trying to do some research to see if different sun signs have an affect on pisces moon with a possible pisces rising.
    I smoked for 6 years was horribly addicted, it cause me deep depression and one day i decided to quit, went cold turkey and never touched one again. I have been through too much in my younger years, got raped at 13, did drugs at 12, im 23 now and i am learning that alcohol wont make my emotions go away.
    So I still have alot to learn but I like seeing other pisces moon people thriving.
    I got bullied by boys sexually when i was younger, still do even though im older. Could just be the town i live in.
    Alot of people have taken advantage of me and treated me like garbage. I hate fighting with people so I run for the hills and try to avoid it at all cost. guess that can be unatractive to some. :/
    I may have some emotional problems but I would never let it drill me into a shit hole. I love myself way too much....enough to keep myself out of harms way and get away from people and their negativity
    • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

      Sat, June 1, 2013 - 1:48 AM
      Hey y'all..I think I like it when people underestimate me based on my moon sign which is Pisces. My sun is in Libra,Ascendant Leo,my moon is the 8th house. I'm very sweet if you manage to get through my through exterior,im big on self control so drugs and alcohol are not an issue for me. The problem that I seem to encounter most with people is the fact once they've seen that sweet caring side of me they always try to take advantage which is usually a great mistake on their part because im very good at cutting off people that contaminate my personal space,and another thing is that I always know the type that would take advantage of me,so my guard is always up around those people. One thing I don't like though is the absorption of the feelings of those around thing is powerful!! You have to surround yourself with people who aren't negative or else you'll suffer,and you also have to know recognise the difference between your feelings and those of the people around you. Pisces moon ,weak I don't think so
      • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

        Sat, June 1, 2013 - 10:51 PM
        My Mother was a Moon in Pisces like me. She had her's in the 8th. Mine is in the 7th. She had her sensitive side, but by no means was she weak.

        When her Boss was pinned up against a Filing Cabinet by some big Guy. My mother came up behind him, twisted his Arm behind his Back, and walked him out of the Office. She was only 5 Feet 2.inches tall. She didn't like her Boss being bullied like that, is why she reacted the way she did.

        If Moon in Pisces see or sense an injustice, they will fight Tooth and Nail.
      • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

        Sun, June 2, 2013 - 2:45 PM
        I absolutely love this:

        "The problem that I seem to encounter most with people is the fact once they've seen that sweet caring side of me they always try to take advantage which is usually a great mistake on their part because im very good at cutting off people that contaminate my personal space,and another thing is that I always know the type that would take advantage of me,so my guard is always up around those people."

        I finally learned how to do this as of a few years ago, and it has helped me tremendously to rebuild my self worth (I'm Taurus).
        I believe what most people don't understand about my Pisces Moon is that it will continue to try to be secretly nice to anyone, even at times allowing people to "think" they have taken advantage of me, hahaha, as, all in all, I am deeply unaffected by other's weakness.
        Finally learned the boiling point however, and it was not on my part of no longer being able to withstand it, but rather on them needing a lesson in HUMANITY, haha

        "One thing I don't like though is the absorption of the feelings of those around thing is powerful!! You have to surround yourself with people who aren't negative or else you'll suffer,and you also have to know recognise the difference between your feelings and those of the people around you"

        YES!!!! xD
        • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

          Mon, June 3, 2013 - 11:53 PM
          This topic has really got me thinking, because the Moon in Pisces, is in a Water sign, and deals with the depth of emotion. Not everyone is comfortable processing that or revealing how they feel in case it make's them feel vulnerable. If there is a crisis, Moon in Pisces can jump right in.

          I gave the example of my Mother who was a Moon in Pisces, and the Sun in that sign too. As a Nurse she had to deal with life and death. For a time she did Psychiatric Nursing up in Scotland. She got hit by a Patient as she past two of them fighting, and ended up unconscious against a Wall. She had a couple of Weeks off work, and then went back to her Job, which shocked my Grandmother. Mum told me how strong mentally ill people can be. She had compassion for people who were suffering with illness, but her gave her strength to, because she knew they were ill.

          The compassion of Moon in Pisces should never be underestimated, because its also a source of untapped strength and insight.
          • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

            Tue, June 4, 2013 - 4:41 AM
            Haha, hmm.. that's an incredible story, both of them, the way your mother would jump in the line of fire like that. Totally fearless; the calm within the storm.
            I wonder if it appears to be weakness to others, because it so perfectly reflects their weakness back to them. As Pisces Moon you then cannot help but to experience them as experiencing their weakness as your weakness, etc.
            A Pisces Moon, in my experience, can see the rage and depression and sadness and find as equal a beauty as in the sunshine and the life permeating all things.
            Thus the confusion (for others).
            In fact this was what couldn't work out in my last relationship; in me there would be a storm, perfectly natural, and there she would be trying to get rid of it or fix it, in her fire of a Sag moon.
            She hated emotion, and I am all feeling of emotion; feeling of everything. Pure feeling, nothing else.

            I let the experiences shape me, for a while, let myself believe that what others were seeing was the truth, and that I had to somehow 'stop' being me.. so damn chaotic and sensitive sometimes with a Pisces Moon in the 12th so I can see how Pisces Moon can seem to be lost, and be actually lost, but hey I'm pretty much all Earth and Water.. so I love the friggin rain.
            I mean, I let people for far too long into my head, making me believe I was some sort of 'immature child' because I didn't always, or seldom ever, feel like painting a happy face on a f'in grave, or ever feel like intimidating others to get what I needed, always trying to protect the 'little guy' etc.

            Honestly the only thing that has saved my Taurus from sinking into the depths of depression and possible suicide what when it finally gave in and was able to 'admit' that much of the chaos residing inside was just a reflection of the outer world around me.. that, to the extreme I had been experiencing it, the depression did not belong to me.. Just, with a Mountain like Taurus Sun in the 1st I needed a gooood amount of 'solid evidence' for what I had been experiencing.
            Which I got. Take it from a friggin Mountain; don't eff with Mutable Water, xD
            One day I had then started 'weeding out' those that would put me down and try to overtake my power by painting it as a foolish simplicity..
            But I can see the damn future..
            I consult with the Oracle..
            I feel everything..
            (I have, literally, seen certain events in my dreams! It's not too practical after-all, of course, hahaha)
            And Boy don't they miss me now? No. Nobody misses the reaper.
            But I'm ok with that, better because of it.
            The good ones always return.

            Actually now that I think about it, it really reminds me of another certain 'Doctor,' haha, the time traveling one, ;) finding joy in the Chaos but at the same time being the one with the 'sacrifice' to find the answers to questions above all of us.. those of Compassion..
            Just started watching the series as of a week maybe (I just got to the end of David Tennant) and what do you know? There's the T.A.R.D.I.S right there! xD ;)

            With the high level of synchronicity and downright psychic sponginess, the Death bringing levels of compassion.. confusion is understandable... but now I am starting to see that as part of the fun.

            WHEN I am able to see clearly what is coming from outside and what is really me.. I prove to be a GRAND pillar of strength, and not weakness, as it has been looked at by others over the years.
            BUT it has taken me to realize that it is indeed MY burden.
            A WONDERFUL burden indeed.. wouldn't trade it for any other Moon! xD
  • Unsu...

    Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Wed, July 31, 2013 - 9:57 PM
    I'm a Leo-virgo cusp w/ Pisces moon and Pisces rising. I used to have escapist qualities, like overdoing literally everything and not being able to stop. (I have Pluto square sun though, which gives me Scorpio character and could be another reason why). I also have really bad mood swings from being in love with life to being like, why am I even alive? lol- everything is extreme. I need extreme feelings all the time, whether it be good, or bad.. I just need that thing that makes me feel like I'm living life fully. I do get easily addicted to things also, which is why sometimes I just have to totally abstain- or totally overdo it. So it's interesting, but I think I've learned to handle myself more.. I also obsess about things like art, music, fashion when my life feels empty.. I just feel this emptiness and looking for something to make me feel whole.. So I get addicted to people and things. For the feeling it gives me.
    • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

      Sun, August 18, 2013 - 9:44 AM
      I can totally relate to the extreme need to FEEL ...I also share this extreme pull towards something deep emotionally, wither through people, things or life itself! I also share the extreme feeling of things being either this way or that way. Up or down...left or right! if its not felt DEEP enough for me then its not worth doing or being...
  • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

    Sun, August 18, 2013 - 9:36 AM
    I don't now about weak, but I am very sensitive, intuitively...I pick up on the emotion around me as well as inside me. I don't show my emotions very well. I feel them but I often don't display them unless I am strongly provoked to do so. I have never been addicted to drugs but have a strong addiction to foods and video games. These addictions I have been trying to brake for about 20yrs. I have a pisces moon, Gemini rising and a libra sun. I will say that having a pisces moon is a strength...being tapped into my emotions as they are, has allowed me to be a better poet, writer and allows me to be objective when it comes down to emotions between other people.
    • Re: Pisces Moons considered "WEAK"

      Fri, October 4, 2013 - 3:27 AM
      I'm in a situation right now, that will calm down soon. I have questioned whether Moon in Pisces is weak, and the answer to that is sill no.

      When your trying to work with others, and your under the most extreme kind of pressure, Moon in Pisces works through compassion, when everyone else can fly off the handle. Moon in Pisces can too, if pushed too far, but I have l;earned that compassion should never be measured for weakness. It can allow you to be very clearly focused. The depth of emotion, leading to a richness of greater empathy. It's like being surrounded by Water, and being at one with it.

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