Aquarius soon, pisces moon and tension

topic posted Sun, March 12, 2006 - 12:15 PM by  Alan
I have this one question to you fellow pisces moons..there this one problem iam having. Iam aquarius sun - to cut it short, aquarius people are exceptions of the rule. Iam pisces moon - i want to be merged with everything. Aquarius makes that easy - there are little blockages. But it feels like two parts of myself are fighting. Aquarius is more cool, detached, "screw em all if they have problem" indenpendent type. Pisces is almost reverse - more weak individuality and more emotional absorbtion, especially since my moon tight sextile to my neptune (and venus and mars are conjuct in pisces to boot). Well, you probably understand - if others arent happy, how could i be? Too much part of them for that.

Can you see the conflict here? Ultra individuality (i have sun conjuct jupiter and square pluto - practically, id lose everything to be free) with ultra groupie (i think that pisces being last sign realizes at last that the desire for individuality is largely result of fear of being caged aquarius have, we could call it emotional claustrophobia). Logic and emotions..

Now iam not saying it cant work together - both are rather off-worldy signs, both want to give to people..but each their own way. Pisces wants to give smile to everyone, aquarius wants (in my square pluto version anyway) to kick everyone into nuts so he wakes and starts to think, think! Aquarius want to shake everyone from complacency, pisces knows the world is perfect as it is.

I just have mess in myself right now..feels like i need to pick between being myself and being with others. Long story, but it seems unavoidable - old friends just arent much of an friends anymore. Iam scared of letting the old ppl go and scared of going find new friends. Now if i was 15.. but iam 21. I feel little bit like pussy to tell the truth :)

Sorry if its little ranty, cant help it. Anyone who has at last passing experience with air sun/ pisces moon could give me a hint on how to integrate the ego and emotions?
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    Sun, March 12, 2006 - 12:24 PM
    Well I am not a pisces moon. But I have Gemini sun, Scorpio moon. It's really really really hard to merge logic and intense emotions together. There is a certain tension between the ego and the emotions. I have problems talking to other people or even a group of people because of my scorpio moon. It's pretty ironic though since I am a Gemini sun....... It's hard, I feel you.
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      Sun, March 12, 2006 - 12:33 PM
      I have gemini ascendant so i think i know how you feel too. Theoretically i should be extremly talkative, but in fact i often keep silent simply because i feel little torn inside.

      The ego and emotions sometimes really are incredibly hard to merge. For instance those friends give positive emotions to me, which i really appriciate, but they hurt my ego (which, as most aquarius can confirm, we have really huge. But we feel we have every right to have it :) ). So, on other hand, i feel drawn because people that give you friendly emotions arent everywhere (again, especially for aquarius with pluto square - imagine excentric friend that has tendency to explode in burst of willful anger from time to time), on the the other hand, those people inflate their own ego by trying to turn me into kid (and being aquarius sun/pisces moon, i cant help but feel really old when being with them), but again, i dont want to fight them, because i value peaceful emotions above all.

      Its a mess, mess i tell you :)
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        Sun, March 12, 2006 - 1:03 PM
        By the way, you made me realize its not just pisces, but all watery moons can have emotional based problems. Good to know.

        If you dont mind, i was always little fascinated by scorpios..maybe because i have pluto in scorpio trine my moon and square sun. Could you say how does your emotion feel? The scorpios i met were always pretty well controlled, but in my pisces sixth sense you can feel something hidden inside..i've had one scorpio back from possible confrontation and i dont think it was because he thought he'd lose.
        I guess the question is what is hidding inside. With my sun square pluto i often have "destruction fits" - until i feel i've burned away all emotions, everything put to proverbial burial pyre, i feel like volcano about to explode. Was always wondering if thats the effect of tight square with sun or its something every scorpio has to work with.
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          Sun, March 12, 2006 - 2:15 PM
          well I have very intense emotions, lately I am being empathetic... I hide my emotions and darkest secrets from friends even my mom, dad and younger sister!! I want control. And it's hard for people to REALLY REALLY make me angry. If they do, it's like Aries's angry 100000000000000 more!!! Lately, I am attracting to Johnny Depp for some reason. He has Capricorn moon, you know. So hardworking and innocently cute!! I WANNA SQUEEZE HIM SOOO TIGHT......... ALL that earth energy..... Makes me giggle. *giggles like an innocent girl*
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    Re: Aquarius soon, pisces moon and tension

    Wed, March 29, 2006 - 9:57 AM
    More than passing experience...I'm also an Aqua sun/Pisces moon. And I feel that tension too. For most of my life my Pisces side was suppressed, but lately it's been coming out more (I'm 33). For me, personally, I find that I can compartmentalize pretty easily, so I sort of bring out different aspects (Aqua vs. Pisces) as the situation warrants. I do find it hard to integrate, though.
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    Sun, March 7, 2010 - 6:17 PM
    Wow this is very interesting. My tension right now is the cause for this web search. I am aan Aquarius sun/Pisces moon. I too have an odd fascination for Scorpios even though for the most part there tends to be clashes with our personalities, or maybe power struggles. I find it hard also to balance these two signs. Lol the opposition or complimentary signs seem to come out as totally different personalities at times.
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      Fri, March 12, 2010 - 10:23 AM
      Aqu Sun Pis Moon here too. Was with a Scorpio for over a decade before it violently imploded.
      Our combination of signs is an unusual mix but I am the most creative person I know. The inner battle comes from the emotional side for sure! Holding onto things, worry, etc.
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    Fri, July 16, 2010 - 3:35 PM
    I'm an Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon and Sagittarius Rising. I know that the ego, the aloofness, the emotional attachment and clinginess can be maddening much of the time but i find that if you focus on quality rather than quantity, you'd have an easier chance of coping with this internal clash of personalities. Seek out wot you love, the things that you move, and go after them. And once you get a hold of them, keep them close to your side. This is the Sagittarian side of me doing the talking. Shoot your arrows high and far, and then scour the world, if you have to, to find them.

    When i'm sober, i'm the Aquarius mixed with Sagittarius. When i'm drinking, i'm the Pisces mixed with a bit of friendly Aquarius and fiery Sag. Depending on how you look at it, Aquarius / Pisces can be a curse, or a truly great gift. For one, we have a high tolerance and a very open mind for new ideas and concepts, and we're suckers when it comes to injustice and the less fortunate. I grew up in Vietnam, a communist regime, so one of the things that i hate most in my life is oppression, in any state or form.

    If you focus on the good and positive qualities of your signs, and try to project that to the outside world, then you'd be of great services to your friends, family and society. And when a war wages inside your mind between the cold Aquarian and the dark Pisces and you feel defeated, seek companies of the few close friends in your life who really know you inside out because their tolerance and understanding of your own personalities and trauma will get you out of this mess in one piece (unless you can maintain yourself as an Aquarian, detach yourself from your own emotions and dissect the situation from a rational standpoint).

    Aquarius / Pisces is an extrovert / introvert combination. Wotever you feel inside you have an urge to express it (or talk about it) outward, as oppose to keeping it in and building up tensions. This is a great thing if you're creative and inventive, and most of us under these signs probably are. Weird and brilliant in our own ways, but nonetheless a necessity for progress. After all, where would society be w/o us lunatics??

    I'm a visual designer and these are my websites. I hope they'd bring you some sort of inspirations when you're stuck in a rut.
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    Sun, July 18, 2010 - 8:57 AM
    I am also Aquarius sun and Pisces moon
    I have been struggling with this for long time until recently when I realized that I can enjoy my individuality in its fullest without being away from the total - still merging into totality. It feels like everything in nature...trees, flowers have their individuality but still totally merged into total. Actually integrating both parts feels like the greatest experience, i feel i start to live now. There is no need to hide as there is no need to be "special". As I am special and ordinary at the same time. I feel it's possible to live logically and emotionally at the same time without choosing one to follow. Logics helps to weigh out all the sides but I know it has the limitations since it can never merge into anything totally. Intuition is knowing beyond logical reasoning. Sometimes I use one and sometimes another but I see more and more I use intuition for major decisions in my life and never feel sorry afterwards, it feels well.
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      Sun, July 18, 2010 - 11:58 AM
      I am aquarius sun with pisces moon and I could not agree more regarding using intuition for major decision. Also pisces moon , I think, is meant to be integrated or assimilated in order to reap the benefits of this placement . Particularly when there is a aquarius sun.

      Can you explain more about " There is no need to hide as there is no need to be special"?

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